We contribute to the health security of Colombia and the region.

About us

We are a Colombian biotechnology company that develops products and services that contributes to Colombia and the region's health sovereignty, positively impacting people's health

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We focus our efforts on four key areas to enable people, families, businesses, and citizens in the region to live healthier and happier lives:

Research and Development

A team of expert and trainee scientists research about emerging, re-emerging, and tropical neglected infectious diseases for the development of new biologicals.

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Through technology transfer and our own expertise, we have developed the capacity for fill and finish, and vaccine production using modern technology productive systems: viral vectors MVA and mRNA.

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Through education and the dissemination of scientific content, we work to encourage populations to adopt immunization as a tool to improve public health.

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Personalized medicine

We develop innovative promotion and prevention interventions to increase the population's access to vaccines and therapies of last generation.

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Research Headquarters

This is an example of our commitment to building infrastructure and knowledge capabilities in research, development, and innovation for the country.

The collaborative work makes the difference. Our allies are:

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