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Nick Ionita
Jorge Emilio Osorio Benitez, CEO
“VaxThera is a Company focused in science, where biological products are researched and developed from Colombia for the world, seeking to guarantee biologicals self-reliance in the region.”

Our Process

We will have a facility with the highest quality standards and international quality and technology for the research, production, distribution and packaging of products.

Our comprehensive team, supported by the best technology, carries out the entire process of research and creation of the biological products through the following stages:

Virus research and infectious diseases


Monitoring and improvements to the biologicals

Design and development of biologicals

Clinical trials and regulatory affairs

Synthesis and production of biologicals

and marketing

Nick Ionita
Juan Pablo Hernández, Scientific Manager
"In Colombia, we have great human resources: warm, disciplined, motivated and committed, who turn the design and production of biologicals in our country into reality"

Nick Ionita
Juan David Escobar Franco, Seguros SURA Colombia CEO
“VaxThera will allow the transfer of technology needed in order for the country to produce and develop vaccines and other types of biological products, thus contributing to the country and the region’s health security”

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We are looking to attract, develop and promote human talent with the highest qualities, who are willing to commit their knowledge to the service of people’s health and well-being. If you want to be a part of our team, leave us your information:

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